1x Claudia Teaching MS226.JPG
2 MS 226 Claudia ink drawing boys
3 MS 226 drawing
4 MS 770 Glendalys work on Mural
5X Girl painting mural
6xx PS 770 mural painting in action
7X PS 770 mural with vacuum.JPG
8 PS 6 Cropped acetate
9X PS 6 Fatima with kids projection
10 PS 6 portrait girl
11x PS 6 portrait grinning boy
12x Sepia portrait PS 6 Drawing critique
13x PS 6 Fatima Kehinde inspired portrai

About Us


ART YARD BKLYN participants, both students and staff, incorporate art-making into their lives not only at the class level but also in the way they see the world and react to it; art is not just a construct for “artists” but also a way to process thoughts, ideas, emotions, politics, dreams, and plans, and a way to communicate that process to others. At a time when connections are fragmented—when we have social media, network news, “fake news,” and arguments standing in for straightforward interchange, and when people are divided along shifting economic, racial, political, and ideological lines that are not always clear-cut—the communion that art inspires is more important than ever. That communion and the expression that inspires needs to be cultivated and encouraged in our communities so that it can grow and spread. Art literacy is a form of information literacy.


Teaching Artists are stylistically, culturally, and generationally diverse professional artists and educators. We provide ongoing staff development and support including regular full staff meetings; hands-on materials and methods training; peer-to-peer coaching; mentoring opportunities; trips and exposure to collaborating partners; and exhibition, residency, and exchange opportunities.


Volunteers and college Interns assist during classes in our space, in partnership schools, and on field trips. Volunteers and Interns are paired with students who need additional help or are lagging behind during a lesson. Volunteers and Interns participate in staff development.

ART YARD Board of DirectorsClaudia Alvarez, Elinore Antell, Dennis Buonagura, Cecile Chong, Patrick Grenier, Meridith McNeal and Edwin Montoya. 

ART YARD BKLYN, Inc is a not-for-profit (501-c-3) our EIN: 84-4252155, NYC DOE Vendor: ART252155.


Our programs are made possible with generous support from Elinore Antell, Appétit Bistro Sono, Marilyn August, Michele Baldacci, Ryan Behroozi, Mildred Beltré, Kris Bevilacqua, Camillo, Cecile Chong, Elizabeth Decelle, Wayne Gross, Jeffrey and Theresa Heaton, Candy Heiland, Patricia Larash, Deborah McGrath, Claude McNeal, Susan Mengers, Edwin Montoya, Fredda Pravitz, Gardel Prudent, Ed Rath, Diana Rickard, Marie Roberts, Salon on Kingston, John C. Schabel, Rob Skaff, Rocco Spagnardi, Andreia Vizeu, Rachael Wren and and Catherine de Zágon.

ART YARD Summer Session 2021 and our exhibition The Way We See It at FiveMyles are sponsored, in part, by Con Edison Arts and Cultural Program.  The Way We See It was sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).


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