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Your Flowers Are So Lovely They Have Made Me Well Again

a site-specific installation of paintings of healing flowers and plants by ART YARD artists

In 1894 Oscar Wilde sent a telegram to his friend and fellow writer Ada Leverson which read “Your flowers are so lovely they have made me well again.” For our title we have borrowed that line which not only speaks to the beauty of flowers and their healing properties, but to the support and camaraderie of supportive community.

ART YARD_339 Adams_5_photo by Alexa Hoyer.jpg

Flower paintings by Aisha Tandiwe Bell, Evelyn Beliveau, Flávia Berindoague, Richard Estrin, Jennifer Dodson, Sarah Gumgumji, Susan Hamburger, Candy Heiland, Jane Huntington, Maraya Lopez, Meridith McNeal, Claude Viaud Peralta, Ed Rath, Jacob Rath, Marie Roberts, Nayarit Tineo, Vera Tineo, Fatima Traore, and Rachael Wren

ART YARD’s Summer Session 2021 kicked off the new thematic year exploring the COVID-inspired theme of heal and restore.We learned about contemporary artists who explore this theme in their work, especially in terms of civic responsibility and social justice. We will also use the work in this exhibition as a springboard for classes throughout the year.


Your Flowers Are So Lovely They Have Made Me Well Again was a group exhibition of site-specific paintings created by ART YARD Teaching Artists for the street-facing windows of 399 Adams Street, a large restaurant space that was formerly home of Rocco’s Tacos. Each window/door was filled with a depiction of a single flower, with every painting fitted precisely to the selected window. Maraya Lopez, assisted by Vera Tineo and Nayarit Tineo painted a decorative vine boarder along the edge of the awning to cover the existing text promoting restaurant offerings. 

Our aim in showing our work exploring the ART YARD theme of heal and restore, was to promote public attention, encourage thinking about this meaningful concept and bring inspiration to others. 

Installing the exhibition

windows installed banner half done.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 4.50.12 PM.png
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