CREATE Friday. Sep 4, 2020
Labor of Love

What is your creative labor of love for this Labor Day weekend?


This Labor Day will differ from any other in recent memory, with the pandemic and everyone trying to cope with all the uncertainty. As we head into Labor Day, the appreciation of this day, the federal holiday to celebrate, honor, and recognize the American laborer's movement and the works to the United States' development and achievements is beyond words this year.

Honoring workers, doctors, and others is essential, and we in Art Yard already honored the heroes in our community in CREATE. This time we want to highlight our creative community as well.

New York Times has interviewed artists, booksellers, comedians, and five others to share their stories of coping with all the uncertainty during this Labor Day.


From this artistic platform, an Art Yard Bklyn artist, I ask all of you to share your creativity in Labor Day?

As an artist, What does the labor of love of this Labor Day weekend mean to you?

Have you already been working at an art piece in the early days of the quarantine until now?


Just a simple fact, did you know that Oregon was the first state to celebrate Labor Day as a legal holiday in 1887 in the United States.



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