CREATE Monday. Sep 14, 2020

Creativity is people's ability to develop original, new, fresh, helpful, and useful ideas. Creative is what I think we all have as humans, but some people are more creative than others in different subjects.

Being creative is not only limited in Art by drawing or designing. We need to be creative in so many things we do in our lives, such as being innovative in what we are going to dress to work, what is new for dinner today,  creating unique recipes from leftover, crafting, thinking of a great gift to a friend. In the Scientific American website, an article published, "Psychology and neuroscience researchers had started to identify thinking processes and brain regions involved with creativity."

Even though we need to brainstorm ideas when we develop new creative ideas, some people are still more creative than others.


I do believe that Creativity comes from learning new things, reading a new book, ask questions about things around us and in our lives, taking new classes in a new subject that gave you new knowledge and let you innovate and expand your imagination to innovate and flourish in making and designing new things to open other new doors that allow the

mental and creative development of a person's Creativity.


We in Art Yard Bklyn want to know more from our creative members,


"What does CREATE mean to you?"

"Where do you CREATE?"

"How do you CREATE during a pandemic?"

"How do you CREATE outdoors?"

"Who is your favorite CREATOR?"



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