CREATE Monday. Sep 14, 2020 
Autumn Equinox

Autumn 2020 in Northern Hemisphere began on.
Tuesday, September 22 
Fall is coming, and I can not wait to see the colorful trees, eating my favorite apple cider doughnut, and walking in my neighborhood in my favorite sweater, ooh how am I ready for some cooler weather. 
A survey that I read a few days ago that people know Fall is coming when the tree leaves turn brown. For me, Fall means colorful tree leaves, Orange, Yello, and Red all the warm colors that make me smile. I can not wait to go apple, pumpkin picking. It is one of the favorite things to do in Fall so I can make apple tart from all the apple I collect. 
Art Yard Family, 

What is your favorite thing to do in Fall?

Is fall your favorite season? 

Do you have a specific Art project you like to do during the fall season? 



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