CREATE Monday. Aug 10, 2020
Illustration Recipes

I do believe that food connects and brings us together. Food and recipes tell the stories of our togetherness and our community (family, friends, neighbors, or belief).

I am sure that so many people cooked a lot while staying home during the pandemic, and some perfected bread, pizza, and other recipes that they save to do later.

People start to cook and filled their home with delicious aromas that began to reduce stress. Others have a different connection to food during the pandemic, whether cooking with family and friends or even alone.


Through Art and cooking, we can empower communities and the feeling of home wherever you are at this time.


In Art Yard Bklyn, our artistic community invites you to illustrate simple recipes for us to enjoy.



Kentler International Drawing Space

353 Van Brunt Street

Brooklyn, NY 11231