CREATE Sunday. Nov 11, 2020 
Day of The Dead

November 1st and second is the celebration of a Mexican and Mexican American holiday of "The Day of the Dead." It is a holiday involving family and friends gathering to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died.


The graves of loved ones decorated, special foods such as mole and pan de Muerto made and built to honor the dead, and unique festivals and processions held." The Day of the Dead" has its origins in ancient Mesoamerican cultures blended with those of the Spaniards who arrived in Mexico in the early 1500s. During the early 20th century, Mexican artist Jose Guadalupe Posada popularized the skeleton images – the Calaveras – associated with the holiday through his humorous drawings of Calaveras, establishing a uniquely Mexican Art style.


During the 1960s and early 1970s, the Chicano Movement embraced El Día de Los Muertos to reconnect with pre-Hispanic and Mexican identities. Today, the Day of the Dead is celebrated by Mexicans and Mexican Americans across Mexico and the United States every November.


Art Yard artists:

Let us remember our loved ones and pray to them.

Let us celebrate "Day of the Dead" together by sharing our Art of "Calaveras."



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