CREATE Thursday. Nov 19, 2020 

It is only seven days until Thanksgiving. I know this year will be different and might be difficult for others, but not to worry because, in Art Yard Bklyn Community, we are here to relive the beautiful memories of the past Thanksgiving holidays. In my culture, Arabic/Muslim, we do not celebrate Thanksgiving. When I came to the US, I have been invited to several ones with some friends and their families. My university had a Thanksgiving dinner party for Honor students that I was part of the community.  I had a great time talking and for sure eating lots of food and pies that I never ate in one day before. Not only that, but I also attended the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and I loved it so much, which is why I still watch every Thanksgiving on TV.


Until next week let's share the things we are thankful for, and during this holiday season, what are some ideas to give back to our communities.



Kentler International Drawing Space

353 Van Brunt Street

Brooklyn, NY 11231