Our Programs


Each year we select a compelling broad-based theme to drive deep and eclectic learning. 2021-2022 is our Year to HEAL & RESTORE.


Classes feature age-appropriate learning and experiences:

  • Content-based learning with attention to cultural, historical, and philosophical inquiry

  • Skill-based art lessons with attention to materials, methods, and process

  • Critiques to encourage students to increase vocabulary, develop a personal voice, and hone communication skills

  • Field trips to galleries, artists’ studios, and cultural events

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ART YARD School Partnerships provide long-term visual art residencies in partner public schools. Weekly sessions throughout the academic year integrate hands-on thematic art-making projects, and a classroom critique process. The program includes exhibitions in on-site art galleries at the partner school, where the students act as curators, publicists, installers, and exhibition docents giving tours to fellow students, teachers, families, public officials, and invited guests.

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ART YARD Advanced Studio participating artists (teens – adults) Director Meridith McNeal, Managing Director Dennis Buonagura and a changing roster of ART YARD Teaching Artists/College Professors including Claudia Alvarez, Flavia Berindoague, Jane Huntington, Reg Lewis, Glendalys Medina, Ed Rath, Marie Roberts and Rachael Wren to create artwork in this advanced artmaking art course.  


Students develop their own voice as artists along with skills in drawing and painting, with possible forays into other contemporary art practices.  Integral to classes is a critiquing process that is key to developing self-expression, confidence, and public speaking skills; participants actively engage in review, informed exchange, and thoughtful comments about the work of the day.  Classes are held in person and virtually on Zoom.  

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ART YARD Kids immerses children ages 8-12 in the study and practice of contemporary art. Students work with ART YARD staff and teaching artists in classes which feature content-based learning with attention to cultural, historical, and philosophical inquiry. Our skills-based art lessons provide attention to materials, methods, and process. Critiques help to encourage students to increase vocabulary, develop a personal voice, and hone communication skills.  

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ART YARD Portfolio students work with Director Meridith McNeal, Managing Director Dennis Buonagura and a rotating roster of ART YARD teaching artists and college professors to develop strong personal portfolios. During the classes, participants create artwork in a variety of materials for inclusion in their portfolios, and engage in discussions and critiques which help them to develop vocabulary and confidence to discuss their ideas and artwork. Each week, students are given homework which helps them to deepen the skills learned in class while working on self-guided artwork required for portfolios. Student work is reviewed by instructors, staff and peers with the aim to present the strongest portfolio. 

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ART YARD Summer Session is an intensive three-week artmaking program for invited kids and teens. Students work individually and collaboratively in full-day sessions allowing for sequential learning, deep skill development, large-scale projects and field trips.

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ART YARD Teacher Training sessions include hands-on training in contemporary art, available for teachers from partnership schools and in the field. Multi-part series are available.

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ART YARD Cultural Partnerships are collaborations and exchanges developed together with various national and international arts organizations, education programs, and colleges and universities. Such associations offer students and teachers greater exposure to diversified programming and build bridges of new opportunities and camaraderie among artists.