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Anthropomorphic Personification & .....

This week’s Art Yard Advanced Studio was hosted by Meridith, who presented CHANCE: Personal Symbols, Ideas of Note, and Popular Culture. Contemporary artists Squeak Carnwith, Jane Hammond and Lesley Saar were discussed and images were presented for inspiration to the class.

Lezley Saar, Thérèse Raquin

Squeak Carnwath, Flawless, 2006

Students created art to express their own personal language of symbols and ideas as an abstracted narrative.

Jacob Levenson, Advanced Studio chance, June 22, 2020

Sarah Gumgumji, Advanced Studio Chance, June 22, 2020

Kevin Anderson, Advanced Studio, CHANCE, June 22nd, 2020
Marilyn August, Advanced Studio, CHANCE, June 22nd, 2020

By creating lists of favorite doodles and then delving into the subconscious, students also created narratives of things they miss (during the pandemic quarantine) things they adore, and how they relate to their emotions. Putting things together into an art piece resulted in visual storytelling in an abstract form – some dreamlike, some realistic.


ART YARD BKLYN joins the world of social media. Thanks to Teaching Artist Claudia Alvarez, we now have an Instagram account which will have periodic posts of works of students and teaching artists (for now – we intend for this to grow!). As of today, we have 11 posts and 64 followers! We’re new to this concept so we encourage you to follow us and invite others to do the same: artyardbklyn.


Representing ART YARD BKLYN, Dennis attended a webinar sponsored by Con Edison called ‘The CARES Act and More: Relief for Not for Profits'. The topic focused on various types of financial relief and the recent legislations relevant to the NY nonprofit community. Additional details were provided about PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) forgiveness. While this secondary topic was not fully applicable to Art Yard Bklyn at this time, it was gigantically informative and will be useful to us when our organization grows. We have been invited to attend these webinars by Johari Jenkins, our contact at Con Edison.


Thanks to Eden Nicole Moore for spearheading this week's ART YARD CREATE discussion. Her topic was Anthropomorphic Personification resulting in posts of images from talking horses and leaky toilets to dolls and and curly-winged swans. The discussion is still open so please join.

Meridith McNeal, CREATE, June 2020

"This is a doodle I did inspired by the spontaneous crack which appeared in my toilet tank a few weeks ago, causing the whole thing to turn into a water spewing monster of the most virulent species! "

Personification of Extermination of Evil (detail from 5 panel painted paper scroll, 25.8x77.2”) 12th century, Japan

Personification of Medicine, Pharmacy and Surgery, oil painting after (Nicholas de Larmessin II” (1638-1694).

Painting by Ed Rath

Mallow, Cecily Mary Barker’s book a Flower Fairy Alphabet. The illustrations depict a fairy named after the particular flower, Intertwined and wearing parts of each plant.

Marilyn explains:  "When I was a child, my dolls and stuffed animals were my friends".  Dennis adds:  "Hey, you had a Dennis The Menace doll!  So did I, of course!"
Marilyn August, CREATE, June 2020

Marilyn explains: "When I was a child, my dolls and stuffed animals were my friends".

Dennis adds: "Hey, you had a Dennis The Menace doll! So did I (of course!)"

Marie Roberts, CREATE, June 2020

"I saw this man visiting a swan with curly wings and they knew each other and were communing. The man told me he visits the swan every day"

Dennis Buonagura, CREATE, June 2020

"When I was growing up, one of my favorite TV shows was Mr. Ed. Mr. Ed was a talking horse who acted as sort of a psychologist for his human family. When you're one of those kids who doesn't really like talking to other kids, it was reassuring to think that you could talk to animals and maybe they'd talk back"


I hope you enjoyed my first ever ART YARD BKLYN weekly recap as much as I enjoyed writing it (well .....?)

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