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We hope to see everyone later this evening, Friday, September 8th from 6-8pm at The Gallery at 180 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn for the opening of Earth Mothering! Included in the exhibition are artworks by Golnar Adili, Marilyn J. August, Sarah Gumgumji, Yeon Jin Kim, Meridith McNeal, Elizabeth Morales Romero, Iviva Olenick, Carol Paik, Karla Stangel Prickett, Ed Rath, V Tineo, and Ethany Uttech. Dennis, Iviva, Sarah and I installed the exhibition yesterday, and we think it looks great! The artwork is quite diverse -- from hand stitched quilts made of clothing tags, to mixed media sewn collages, from paintings and prints to embroidered wall mounted ceramic! While you really should see this piece in person to fully appreciate it, take a look at this preview of Elizabeth’s work on view:

Elizabeth Morales Romero Protege Tonantzin, 2023, Embroidery and paint on fabric, 21x22”

"I am deeply inspired by my Mexican culture and embrace my traditions in my artwork. El bordado, or embroidery, plays a key role in my life and culture and serves an integral role in my artistic practice. Through my art, I explore the profound interweaving of patterns, textures, and vibrant colors that exudes significance in Mexican culture. El bordado is what preserves my ancestry and reclaims my indigenous voice, allowing me to explore my roots through an art form imbued with meaning. It's what keeps my tortillas warm to eat and what decorates my tables at home. My artwork is a visual, representational remix of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a Catholic title of Mary, mother of Jesus, and Coatlicue Tonantzin, a manifestation of Mother Earth who was worshiped by the Mexica. I wanted to create my own belief of Guadalupe and Tonantzin: that they are one and the same with their motherly energy, essence and love, but in different states of form and language." ~ Elizabeth Morales Romero Wine for the opening of Earth Mothering has been generously donated by Rocco Spagnardi, owner, Locanda Vini e Olii.

Earth Mothering installation view and evite


Managing Director Dennis Buonagura reports: “It’s back to school for ART YARD BKLYN Art Matters (contrary all those 'back to school' ads which were hanging in Target as of June 30th!!!). I met with all four of our school partnerships in some form or another - Zoom, LIVE, phone, email, or text - to discuss upcoming possibilities. It is, however, at this time, that the schools are working diligently on getting budgets approved by their boards …. and the waiting game begins. Shouldn’t be long now.”

When Sarah and I asked Dennis how the meeting at PS 6 went, he enthusiastically replied: “It was GREAT! I loved seeing everyone, and they had donuts!”

Wayne Thiebaud, Three Donuts, 1994


Other Art News Congratulations to ART YARD Board Members Cecile Chong and Claudia Alvarez, as well as ART YARD Artist V Tineo who have artwork included in SOMOS WE ARE A groundbreaking exhibition celebrating the rich cultural heritage and artistic contributions of the Latinx community of Long Island. This exhibition offers a unique opportunity to explore their diverse styles, media, compelling personal stories, and familial national origins. From Brooklyn to Montauk, SOMOS showcases the works of creators who have grappled with questions of identity, history, and the many meanings of community. Guest-curated by Mexican-American artist Kelynn Z. Alder.

¡Ya Basta!, 2023 Encuastic and mixed media on wood panel, 30 inches - diameter

Cecile explains that "¡Ya Basta! is based on my research during my fellowship at the Hispanic Society Museum and Library in 2021-2022."


I am pleased to be highlighted on CaFÉ. Click the link or image to read the article.


As we start the new season, we have been brainstorming about fundraising. We are so grateful to our supporters who make our work possible! Just this week we received donations from Gail Gregg, Reg Lewis, Tangie Murray, Rocco Spagnardi, and Judy Tilley,

You too can help support ART YARD BKLYN!!




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