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Damien Quiñones

Teaching Artist

Damian Quiñones (he/him) is a musician, songwriter and artist based in Brooklyn. His songwriting draws on New York City's diverse musical scene and his Puerto Rican roots, weaving 60's rock-and-roll and Nuyorican funk with tropicalia, cumbia and Afro-Caribbean sounds.

Quiñones fronts an eight-piece Latin Rock-and-Roll band and an acoustic Pan-Latin trio, "Analog Experimental." A recording artist, he has produced four albums, most recently “Sleight of Hand in the Material Realm,” which he performs alongside projections of his original hand-drawn stop-motion animations. Quiñones has written music for television and film, and was awarded "best score" by the NYU Short Film Festival 2013 for his soundtrack to the film "Flood."

Committed to equity and access, he is a teaching artist who has regularly worked with NYC public school students and communities, most recently for Lincoln Center Education.

Damien Quiñones

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