1x Quentin PS770 stencil teaching with k
2x Quentin PS770 stencil kid at work bra
3x MS 226 trip to kentler kids art and d
4 Kentler Trip 2 MS 226 painting
5x Rita Thornton hat box with kids drawi
6x Class at Kentler bright
7x PS 770 mosaic at work kindergarten
8 Mosaic mandalla installation
9x PS 770 Transformations opening Devon
10x PS 770 Transformations opening Mateo
11x PS 770 girl with signage.JPG

Our Mission


ART IS A HOLISTIC ENDEAVOR that allows us to delve into any topic imaginable. The practice of learning, creating, thinking, and discussing art nourishes people of all ages in body, mind, heart, and spirit. In addition, through the act of looking outside oneself, the creative act fosters a sense of civic responsibility and awareness of social justice.


ART YARD BKLYN offers art education programs for kids as young as four through young adults, providing direct access to contemporary visual art. Classes foster a range of skills, from art technique to critical thinking, that helps scaffold student achievement of academic, social, and personal goals. Integral to classes is a critiquing process that is key to developing self-expression, confidence, and public speaking skills; participants actively engage in review, informed exchange, and thoughtful comments about the work of the day. 


ART YARD BKLYN is a safe haven where everyone is treated with kindness and respect. We are a community of creative thinkers, expansive dreamers, and well-educated art makers.

Each year we select a broad-based theme to drive deep and eclectic learning.
Karla Year to Heal and Restore image for website.jpg
Karla Prickett, A Place of Healing , 2021, Hand made paper, collage, ink and pencil