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Bread Crumbs, Hot Pepper Flakes and Raisins

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

We had a great week at ART YARD and hope you did too!

Dennis has been hard at work organizing for the start of programming in J. W. Wakeman PS 6 our partnership school in Jersey City.

As the year begins the school is running remotely but students are engaged and the school community is the as ever a welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment. As the school celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month the school has been spotlighting Hispanic American staff members in the on-line forum.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at PS 6


Teaching Artist Fatima Traore was here this week to lead an exciting session of ART YARD Advanced Studio. Fatima explains her concept: “There are many forms of community and things we see in our community that make it distinct. One common characteristic of a community is service. We all depend on people in our community to help the flow of our day to day lives. Students will create two works of art. The first depicting a place or person in their community that provides a service for them (ex. deli/ grocery store, barbershop, laundromat, cleaners) and the second based on an act of community service we participate in and/or deeply admire (ex. volunteering, donating clothes or non-perishables, charity events, essential workers).”

For artistic and stylistic inspiration Fatima shared with us work by renown public artists Keith Haring, Shepard Fairey and Banksy. She then asked us to create two drawings – the first drawing of place or person that services you in your community, the second drawing depicting act of community service we provide or admire.

Shepard Fairey’s mural on the Founder’s League building on Clemence Street in Providence, RI.

Keith Haring's mural "We Are The Youth" at 22nd and Ellsworth Streets in Philadelphia 1987

Banksy "There is Always Hope" mural

Advanced Studio artists worked fast and well. Ideas of the people and placed in our own community included ART YARD on Zoom, the subway, biking in Prospect Park, Trader Joe's, a kitchen in a local restaurant preparing food for donation, the local basketball court, delivery people and even a flock of geese in Long Island City. More than one person super-imposed images atop themselves and many used symbolic imagery to tell the story.

Meridith McNeal, ART YARD community on Zoom (computer on yoga blocks on my desk)

Fatima Traore, On the Subway

Claude Viaud Peralta, The Basketball Court

Jacob Rath, Reverie Making Burritos

Kevin Anderson, Biking in Prospect Park

Sarah Gumgumji, Essential Workers

Ed Rath, Delivery People

Marilyn August, Trader Joe's

Zeke Brokaw, Wearing a Mask as Comminuty Service

Halli Beaudoin, Red Hook Community
Wayne Gross, Long Island City Geese

Community actions and activities included delivery people, letter writing and drive for voter registration, the gym teacher teaching classes in the street for elementary school kids, and PS 1 now open for art viewing! Vera is turning her drawings into a print which she plans to work on over the weekend. I will update the recap with those images when her piece is ready!

Ed Rath, Correspondence

Fatima Traore, Clothing Donations

Wayne Gross, Long Island City Architecture at it's best!

Wayne Gross, PS 1 Open for Buisness

Sarah Gumgumji, The Essentials
Kevin Anderson, Charitable Giving

Jacob Rath, Workers Eating Burritos after a Volunteer Shift

Meridith McNeal, Gym Teacher Gets Fly-away Hoop Out of Tree

Claude Viaud Peralta, Nurturing Others to allow for Growth
Marilyn August, Voter Registration Mail Drive
Halli Beaudoin, NYC Essential Workers

Eden Moore, Brianna (Inspirational House Guests)

Zeke Brokow, We are All in this Together


Sarah’s ART YARD CREATE thread on the topic of illustrated recipes is really interesting. Posts have run the gamut from book references, to other artists, and favored coffee making methods. Later in the dialogue Sarah asked us what three things were always in our kitchen. It was so hard to narrow it down to three. Dennis always has breadcrumbs and Marilyn has raisins. Marie has hot pepper flakes, Sarah has bananas and I have good olive oil at all times!

Screen capture of book cover
Marie Roberts, Mother Cooking Rice Pudding
Meridith McNeal, Magical Things Trastevere Bread and Olive Oil with Hot Pepper Flakes, 2019 watercolor on paper

What is always in YOUR kitchen?


In other art news:

Teaching Artist Marie Roberts has work in Pets of the Pandemic, Alpha 123 Gallery (online) curated by David Cohen.

Marie Roberts, Francis Participates in a Zoom session, 2020

I am pleased to be next weeks (October 19th) featured artist on the Brooklyn Arts Councils Mutual Aid Art Sale. This sale benefits individual artists and the great work being done by the Brooklyn Arts Council.

Screen shot from Brooklyn Arts Council website

Congratulations to Teaching Artist Maia Cruz Palileo who is featured in American Masters and Firelight Media present In the Making, a new documentary short film series following the lives and journeys of eight emerging BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) cultural artists who bring insight and originality to their artistic craft.


And there you have it, some cheer on a rainy Friday afternoon.

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