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Captivating Continuous Contour Drawing by the Sea

Every day of ART YARD Summer Session 2019 has been chock-full of artistic challenges and new techniques. Our lesson led by former student, current intern, recent college graduate Vera Tineo (AKA Miss Vee) was no exception.

With her intense focus and deep intellectual curiosity Miss Vee is a fantastic artistic role model. In her well planned lesson “The City That Moves” Vera taught the students about continuous contour drawing. This is harder than it sounds! Just try and capture an intricate city vista without once lifting your pencil...

After a clear introduction and demonstration we headed out to Pier 44 at the far side of Fairway Market. With a great view of the water, and a variety of shady spots to claim our artists got right to work.

Some captured pedestrians, some water and shore-scapes, others looked inward to the intriguing businesses located on the pier, a few focused on mechanical equipment and one or two on reflections in the windows.

Our morning drawings were wildly successful and Miss Vee was well pleased with the results. As was everyone else as we discussed the work in our after lunch critique.

Then things got really tricky! Miss Vee had students work with tracing paper to redraw elements of the morning drawing. Then we placed sheets of opaque transfer paper between the traced drawing and the morning drawing to add color. The opaque transfer paper meant that there was an element of surprise to the process.

Several finished pieces took on the look of a 3-D image before donning those paper glasses with two colored lenses. Some appeared to be shimmering and moving. ALL of them were great.

One full round of compliments went entirely to Miss Vee. Students felt inspired, challenged, energized, encouraged, prodded to do their best and ultimately proud of Vera for her successful first run as an ART YARD Teaching Artist!

While I am singing praises let me add -- with Kyra back at Brooklyn College on Tuesdays-Thursdays, Leslie in Mexico to visit her family and Vera stepping in to teach today, we were really grateful to Kevin for doubling up as student AND Intern today!

It may be hot outside but we can one up that -- this is MAD HOT ART MAKING at its best.

See you in the morning Super Stars.

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