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Creating a supportive community of artists

This week at ART YARD Advanced Studio we jumped back into Self Reflection: Self Portrait with Reflection in Water with Teaching Artist Claudia Alvarez.

Claudia showed us how she sets up her own palette, then working with that paint (liquid acrylic) gave an expert demonstration of color mixing as she asked the participating artists to think about the form of a face. With our hands we felts the planes, dips and curves of jaw, brow, eye sockets, discussing how light, dark, color and contrast define the form in paint.

Advanced Studio artists elected to either finish up their pencil sketches and others moved directly on to paint on their Masonite panels.

We all enjoyed looking and talking about these paintings-IN-PROGRESS during critique!


A very important aspect of ART YARD Advanced Studio is creating a supportive

community of artists. This was on my mind on Saturday as I helped out at the open studio of our friend, talented painter and ART YARD Volunteer Pamela Talese.

With her studio and home base in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Pamela is primarily a plein air painter traveling to her chosen vantage point by bike or by foot with her oil paints, travel easel and canvases tucked up in a compact carrying case.

Roman paintings by Pamela Talese

Irish landscape by Pamela Talese

Coney Island painting by Pamela Talese

I did not hesitate when Pamela asked me to come help her engage visitors in a lively dialogue about the work on view – exactly what we enthusiastically do during our ART YARD critiques!


During the week Dennis and I made visits to potential partnership schools. We were thrilled to meet wonderful administrators, teachers and parents and we saw some cool inspiring public art!

Not to mention some excellent seasonal décor!!

Best wishes for an inspiring and art-filled week,

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