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"I am really grateful this program is a part of the curriculum."

With so many art activities going on at MS 226 in So. Ozone Park, students became fully immersed in the process of preparing for an exhibition.

6th graders completed their zentangle pieces by adding color to tiny bits of repeated patterns and designs.

Those who'd finished worked closely with Teaching Artist Glendalys Medina on a variation of our 'exquisite corpse' lesson - this time, using smaller scale paper (landscape sized watercolor) and all pieces based on the human figure.

While Glendalys and Dennis were teaching 90-minute classes in various parts of the school building, Meridith took on the tedious tasks of deinstalling the school's previous exhibit. This entailed removing hundreds of staples and tacks and prepping the gallery walls by spackling and painting. Glendalys and Dennis sorted through hundreds of pieces of work, sorting them by category.

When students arrived for their after-school program, Glendalys gave a demonstration and trained the group to mat the works for the upcoming exhibition. This process included instructions in measuring, choosing mat colors, cutting, gluing and placing the matted pieces under weights - all in anticipation of installing the show next week.

After-school culminated in a first round of docent training with Meridith.


This week at our HEARTS Gallery @ PS 770 in Crown Heights opened our exhibition Transformations.

Our team of (4-10 year old) Museum Professional Docents led tours for over two hundred, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers, staff members, fellow students and other invited guests.

A visitor wrote this splendid compliment in our guest book: “This is an awesome exhibit of creativity and life! The docents were also amazing! It was fun hearing them explain each project – they were so knowledgeable and enthusiastic. It was great seeing their personalities and talents shine through. The artists as well. Each piece of art reflected their effort. I am really grateful this program is a part of the curriculum. Art has a profound way of healing and growing both the artist and the viewer. Thank you.”

After the 2½ hour event the Docents, Dennis, Glendalys, Kyra, one guest and I sat down for a well-deserved rest, snack and debriefing session. Our docents discussed the challenges of the job (keeping your group together, getting over a case of nerves) and how to persevere (focus, confidence, eye contact) and ultimately succeed.

Students gave thoughtful, kind and supportive compliments to each other (and to the grown-ups).

If you missed the opening, you may visit the exhibition and one of our well-trained professionals will make sure you get a VIP tour!


Also this week ART YARD teachers delivered our own artwork to St. Joseph’s College in Clinton Hill Brooklyn. Quentin, Claudia and I will install our exhibition Transformers this weekend.

We hope you will join us for our opening reception!

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