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Pals from all walks of life

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

NYC Schools were closed on Tuesday to celebrate Chinese New Year and welcome in The Year of the (Earth) Pig! elaborates on the nature of the earth pig: “This friendly creature can be quite the social butterfly, with pals from all walks of life...Pigs are complex communicators who dream, recognize their own names and have over twenty oinks and squeaks that have been identified with an actual language that they share.” I think Wilbur might have been an Earth Pig!

Between our Dreamy Pig Celebrations and a no-show bus scheduled to bring our students from MS 226 to Kentler, we did not have the pleasure of working with our students from Queens this week.

However, it was all-systems-go at PS 770 in Crown Heights Brooklyn where we completed our 200 foot long mural. Over the course of several weeks of planning, designing, drawing and painting, every single student in the school – prek-5th graders – had a hand in the piece.

Teaching Artist Glendalys Medina organized paint distribution and provided artistic guidance. Along with our students, Glendalys, Teaching Artists Jane Huntington, Fatima Traore, and Intern Kyra Novick everyone worked hard to complete the ambitious painting. In addition coaching and encouraging mural painters, Dennis organized a smooth flow of students.

Amazing work was accomplished with the focused collaborative effort.

Also this week at PS 770 Teaching Artists Flávia Berindoague, Quentin Williamston and I installed our upcoming exhibition at the HEARTS Gallery at PS 770 that will open to the public on Thursday February 28th.

A sneak preview of the exhibition:

Official exhibition invitation to follow soon.

Your Pal,

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