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Proud of our Work!

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

It seems to me that the precarious nature of getting back on track for the season has pulled the rug out from many of us. Sometimes I wonder what end is up, so to speak. However, that does not keep the fabulous crew of ART YARD Advanced Studio from thinking creating and sharing at the top of their game.

This week Teaching Artist (once student) Jacob Rath introduced us to the fascinating art form of Russian Textile design from the early 20th century. Jacob presented a thoughtful and engaging introduction that had us all inspired. Eden was tapped in to many of the Soviet ideologies and historical references, but for many others this was new terrain.

Teaching Artist Jacob Rath presenting his power point introduction on our Zoom session.

Soviet Textile, early 20th century

Jacob well summarized the session: “We began with a presentation about Soviet Textiles from the 1920s and 1930s. I discussed how these textiles incorporated images and symbols that reflect the values of the Soviet Union. Many of the patterns included images of tractors and factories because the Soviet Union wanted to portray itself as an industrialized nation. Students were then instructed to create a textile pattern to represent their own communities. Students were free to use whatever materials they wanted, but were encouraged to only use four colors maximum. I briefly discussed how to create an image with a repeating pattern, and then presented a list of questions to help them generate ideas for their design.

Soviet Textile Celebrating Women's Day

We then separated to work on our designs. We then came back and shared our designs with the group. Ed and Marilyn used logos from art organizations that they are members of in their work, and Meridith used images of artwork from other ART YARD artists. Like Ed, Akash exploring Zoom culture and Zahir honoring Black Lives Matter both had strong diagonal patterning in their designs. Many artists made designs about social distancing due to covid. Eden made three prints, one about being bisexual, one about their afro-Latino heritage, and one about their experience in the Latin School. We also discussed that everyone should be proud of their work even if they don't finish in the time of the lesson. Unfinished work can still be beautiful, and we can always add more later.”

Ed Rath, Noho/M55 Textile Design, 2020

Marilyn August, San Jose Museum of Art Textile Design, 2020

Akash Wilmont, Zoom Classes Textile Design, 2020

Zahir Prudent, Black Lives Matter Textile Design, 2020

Meridith McNeal, Teaching Artists During Quarantine Textile Design, 2020 (version 1 - painting)

Meridith McNeal, Teaching Artists During Quarantine Textile Design, 2020 (version 2 - collage)

Sarah Gumgumji, Social Distancing All Seasons Textile Design, 2020

Claude Viaud Peralta, Social Isolation Textile Design, 2020

We welcomed a new artist into the ART YARD posseClaude Viaud Peralta. His work from the session was inspiring (Dennis who was timing our artmaking pointed out that I stood the whole art making session and Claude seemed to be employing a hair dryer to speed the drying time on layers of paint) and we all loved his contribution to our critique!

Eden Moore, Bi Pride Textile Design, 2020

Eden Moore, Afro-Cuban Heritage Textile Design, 2020

Eden Moore, Graduating from Latin High School Textile Design, 2020

Jacob Rath, Contact Dancers Textile Design, 2020

Vera Tineo, Wood Block Plate for NYC Travel Textile Design, 2020

Vera Tineo, NYC Travel Textile Design (print), 2020

After critique I let everyone know that next week Teaching Artist Fatima Traore will be on board to lend a framework to the day. A cheer went up! As we have all missed Fatima’s presence this semester. BUT there is a good reason for her absence – Fatima has been promoted to head teacher at the pre-school she is working with!! We all cheered her success and opined that her students are privileged to be under her leadership.

Teaching Artist Fatima Traore



Sarah Gumgumji has posted a new CREATE topic – illustrated recipes. Sarah was inspired by the work and conversation in the Advanced Studio session led by Iviva. Please check it out on ART YARD CREATE and add your own or favorite illustrated recipes!

Sarah Gumgumji, Making a Morning Latte, collage, 2020

Image from "Honey from a Weed: Feasting and Fasting" by Patience Gray illustrated by David Gentleman


Last night I recorded my interview for ART MOVEZ_ with co-hosts Toni Williams and Eli Kuslansky. I think it was a very interesting interview. I find that when both the interviewer and interviewee are equally invested (in this case in Art in our time, here in Brooklyn) that there is a fantastic base for conversation. I will share the link as soon as ART MOVEZ_ makes it live!

Inspired by our lively conversation co-host Toni Williams send over a photo her recent drawing!

Toni Williams, Coloring for Cosmic Well Being, 2020


Congratulations goes to Teaching Artist Candy Heiland who has work in Harvest of Dreams October 4025, 2020 at Incubator Studio Gallery in Bushwick.

Invitation for "Harvest of Dreams" exhibition

It is great to hear that Teaching Artist Claudia Alvarez has work included in INTERSECTIONS The Union Square Show opening on Saturday October 10th. Due to covid precautions the gallery is scheduling time slots. RSVP on Eventbrite.

Claudia's slot is from 6:30-7pm

Claudia Alvarez, Boxer Girl, 2018, Glazed Stoneware, 29 x 12 x 13 in.

Kudos to Teaching Artist Glendalys Medina who has work included in the American Academy In Rome benefit.

Detail from American Academy in Rome 2020 benefit invitation

Applause to Teaching Artist Vera Tineo who has work included in Stand Up Prints at Highpoint Center for Printmaking October 23-November 21, 2020.

Invitation for Stand Up Prints exhibition

I am happy to have my work included in the current issue called “Social Isolation” of Duende an art magazine out of the UK.

Page detail Social Isolation issue of Duende magazine


Finally, only one week until the virtual Kentler Benefit on Saturday October 17, 2020. You can still get a ticket – support our partnership, the work Kentler does to promote contemporary art AND while doing that get a wonderful work of art to adorn your walls. I had a conversation this week with someone about how art on the walls makes a place home. Each new artist added to your collection enhances your home exponentially. I hope you will consider participating!

This is the beautiful piece by Jane Lincoln I got at last years Kentler benefit hanging on my wall perpendicular to a beautiful portrait of Wayne by ART YARD Artist Blaze Sirius-El. Now there are two superbly talented “colorists” for you!

Paintings by Jane Lincoln, Blaze Sirius-El and reflection of cat drawing by Meridith McNeal

I hope this wonderful breezy autumn weather blows out the cobwebs and brings you joy and inspiration!

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