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Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Our year at PS 6 in Jersey City came to its close with a smashing exhibition event. Although much smaller than those in the past (due to safety and health policies), several VIPs from the Jersey City Board of Education attended as well as the parents of our docents and many of the school's teachers. PS 6 provided delicious treats for all of its guests.

Principal Apruzzese takes a student docent lead tour of the exhibition

Our docents, Agsa, Apoorva, Kashvi, and Myra, all from Mrs. Tolentino's class, were professional and thorough and every single one received high praise from our visitors. Principal Apruzzese and Assistant Principal Faccone also offered great compliments. Additionally, student members of the school's honor society met guests at the front door of the school and escorted them to the gallery - and received similar praise.

Several Board of Education supervisors, including Dr. Norma Fernandez, Superintendent of Schools for Jersey City, wrote glowing reviews in our visitor's book and came directly to me with compliments about the successes of all students' works.

Please take a minute to watch our short video created by Managing Director Dennis Buonagura and ART YARD Artist Vera Tineo which offers a snapshot of the exhibition - taken during the docents' rehearsal periods. We hope that next year's exhibit can be open to the public so that you all will attend - LIVE!

Thanks to the docents' parents who attended - their enthusiasm and pride made the event extra special.

Student docent with a very VIP visitor!

WOW! Just a few hours after our exhibition event at PS 6, The Jersey Journal released an announcement that Dr. Norma Fernandez, Interim Superintendent of Schools, will be voted "permanent" Jersey City School District Superintendent, making her the first Latina to lead the state's second-largest school district.

A million CONGRATS!!

Principal Joe Apruzzese, Superintendent Dr. Norma Fernandez, Assistant Principal Lauren Faccone and ART YARD Managing Director Dennis Buonagura


Other art news:

Tonight in Salina, Kansas ART YARD Artist Karla Prickett opens her solo exhibition The Brooklyn Exchange at Peaceful Body & Wellness Lobby Gallery. On view in the exhibition are 30 pieces Karla created during ART YARD Advanced Studio on zoom!

Karla shares that through her participation in Advanced Studio she experienced: “a mind-opening experience in spontaneity. A dialogue in making art. New narratives. A network of inspiration beyond my door. An expanded personal world of creative colleagues. Thank you all so much!!”

The Brooklyn Exchange, installation view


Kudos to ART YARD Board member Cecile Chong who has work included in X MARKS the SPOT at Demuro Das curated by Kates-Ferri Projects.


ART YARD Artist Vera Tineo has posted the next episode on her podcast BlahblahHablamos.


We will be off next week, returning the following week as we embark our exciting and action-packed ART YARD Summer Session 2022. We will be installing an exhibition, painting a mural and up to our usual art making as we usher in the Year of Planet Earth!

Meridith McNeal, Mother Earth, 2022, watercolor on cut paper (rainbow view)


Have a great week and happy Independence Day!


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