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We're Back!!

As the Autumnal Equinox swiftly approaches, we are enjoying the last vestiges of summer and hope that you are as well. ART YARD BKLYN is officially back in session.


We are thrilled to announce that the fall semester of ART YARD Advanced Studio in-person will be made possible by a generous 2022 Arts & Culture Grant from Con Edison!!!


Our newest school partnership with LaGuardia High School has begun. ART YARD Portfolio at LaGuardia meets Wednesday evenings on Zoom. Our first cohort of artists is remarkable! They are talented, thoughtful, engaged and well spoken. I am teaching the course with ART YARD Teaching Artist Sarah Gumgumji providing support and assistance.

For the first session Introduction, Photography, Drawing from Imagination I introduced the course, and explained our expectations – to name a few: participants will be making portfolio level art every week; will have homework every week; will be expected to share their work and participate fully in critiques.

We moved on from there to drawing from our imagination. I carefully described two images, the first a black and white photograph, the second a colorful painting. After an initial description of the image participating artists got to drawing as I continued my narrative. Students could ask questions at any time. Each drawing took 30 minutes and could be made in any material. While I suggested that the second piece might work best in color, that was not necessary.

I will share the drawings then put the image I described after the drawings!

Drawings by (left to right, top to bottom): Roxannah, Sarah, Jessica, Elizabeth, Clara, Anastasia, and Charlie.

“Frida in the Garden, Casa Azul,” a photograph by Gisèle Freund,1951

Scroll through the images below by using the arrows to view drawings by Sarah, Anastasia, Roxannah, Jessica, Elizabeth, Clara, and Charlie.

Remedios Varo, "Naturaleza Muerta Resucitando", 1963


We hope you will join us on Tuesday, September 13, from 6-8pm at the Gallery at 180 Franklin Avenue in Brooklyn for the opening of Towards a Brave New World an exhibition of ART YARD Teaching Artists Golnar Adili, Evelyn Beliveau, Maraya Lopez, Meridith McNeal, Vera Tineo, Fatima Traore, Ed Rath, and Quentin Williamston.

Evite design by Sigrid Dolan

This exhibition is supported by 180 Franklin and produced by ART YARD Summer Session artists! By produced I mean: curated, installed, lit, labeled, as well as the written and design aspects such as the press release, wall signage, evite, and curatorial essay, plus we are all working together on the public programming!

Fatima Traore and Robin Grant installing work by Evelyn Beliveau

“ART YARD BKLYN artists explore the theme behind the exhibition title “Towards a Brave New World” by personifying and envisioning what bravery means to them. Bravery is defined by showing courage or facing/enduring danger masked in the unknown. This is a power all humans possess as planet earth doesn’t allow for the opposite. This collection of work takes shape and form through portraiture and figurative illustrations conveying stories, documentation, and memories.” Excerpt from the curatorial essay by Fatima Traore


We are grateful to ART YARD Teaching Artist Candy Heiland for helping to support our programs by posting on Facebook on her birthday with the suggestion that friends make a donation to ART YARD BKLYN!

You too can support our efforts by efforts by making donations through PayPal, Venmo or check. Direct links and information is on our Please Donate page of this website!


Other art news:

Thanks to the many of you joined me for one or both of the artists events at my huge solo exhibition Ordinary Magic at The Galleries at Interchurch Center in Morningside Heights.

If you missed the exhibition, you can check it out in this video made by ART YARD Video Consultant and Documentarian Scott Greenfield, with original music by José Carlos Cruzata Revé.



Monday, September 12th, 5:30-7:30pm ART YARD Advanced Studio on Zoom will resume. Teaching Artist Vera Tineo will be leading the session exploring this year’s theme Planet Earth!

Meridith McNeal, Hand Holding Earth/Egg, 2022, watercolor on cut shaped paper, 4x9”


We hope to see you at the Gallery at 180 Franklin on Tuesday evening for the opening of Towards A Brave New World!

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