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In the Week of the Pink Moon

This week at MS 226 in Queens student docents trained to lead tours on our upcoming exhibition. The team worked with me, Dennis and ART YARD Art Therapist Jennifer Dodson to develop and hone a variety of pertinent skills including voice projection, diction, stance, eye contact all while projecting a knowledgeable, professional attitude.

Students studied exhibition labels to better learn lesson content, worked in pairs to practice presentation skills and as a group which helps everyone to deepen their knowledge and gain confidence. (It was such a focused session with the docents that I only took one photo!)

We created a presentation book about the recent field trips to St. Joseph’s College Alumni Gallery to include in the exhibition. Jenn and Dennis organized the supply closet and unpacked new art supplies.

Then the ART YARD team met with Principal Rushell White to secure the details and permits which will allow us to work with our Art Club students in the school during the spring break.


We had an exciting meeting to discuss collaborating with The Royal Drawing School on Wednesday. Claire Alfrey Head of Development at the Royal Drawing School all the way from London and Sallie McKinney from the Prince of Wales Foundation based in DC made the trek to ART YARD home base at Kentler International Drawing Space in Red Hook Brooklyn.

Jenn and Den looking good in front of a wall of drawings by Alexander Gorlizki on view at Kentler:

The Royal Drawing School Young Adult Programme, Foundation Year Course and the Post Graduate Programme all have deep resonance with our ART YARD philosophy and goals.

After the meeting Claire, Dennis and Jenn and I took the ferry over to lower Manhattan. The ferry is very swank and it was a fun little adventure!


We would like to extend our deep gratitude and heartfelt thanks to our newest supporters Reshonah Bennett in loving memory of her mother Mary Bennet; Michael Bliss; C & M Family Foundation; and Gardel’s Greene Garden.

P.S. The Pink Moon is the nickname of the April's full moon. My Pink Moon festivities included an Aura Portrait. My huge strong red aura crowned in yellow indicates huge energy, artistic abundance, wild creativity and strong leadership, or so I was told!!

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