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A powerful energy for regeneration, renewal and self-reflection

As we move into the Winter Solstice when we celebrate the longest hours of darkness, and on the flip side the rebirth of the sun, I am so happy to revel in what we have envisioned and actualized with ART YARD! As they say of the Winter Solstice -- We hold a powerful energy for regeneration, renewal and self-reflection. So let me share with you what we have accomplished this week...


At ART YARD Advanced Studio there was an electric current of artistic excellence and community spirit which certainly delved deeply into a powerful energy for regeneration, renewal and self-reflection.

Teaching Artist Ed Rath presented a powerful lesson on portraiture. Ed began by showing us the work of Francisco Goya (1746-1828) considered the most important Spanish artist of the late 18th and early 19th centuries and throughout his long career. Goya was a commentator and chronicler of his era. Immensely successful in his lifetime, Goya is often referred to as both the last of the Old Masters and the first of the moderns. He was also one of the great portraitists of his time.

Goya’s portrait of Antonia Zárate (1805-06)

Ed carefully explained proportion, challenging areas of the face, point of view, and methods of best evoking (rather than forcing) line and form. Not only useful, this instructive discussion spurred a fantastic dialogue and got us all raring to go!

The feeling in the room at Kentler was of the most productive and welcoming artist studio!

While Vera, Evelyn, and Fatima continued work on their work from last week,

the rest of us paired up for portraiture.

Oh my, oh my – this work is GREAT. As pointed out in our invigorating critique -- everyone captured the essence of the other. Sometimes even embodying a sort of amalgam of artist and sitter.

Wow, bring it on Solstice! We are ready.


Dennis and I are thrilled to report our first cohort of ART YARD students at MS226 are exceptional thinkers and dedicated artists.

While many are first time artists, our partnership liaison Assistant Principal Lucia Lengua has selected students who will flourish in our programs!

Dennis noted the following:

Students held “place holder” ersatz mirrors in non-dominant hands as they looked carefully at the form, line, grip, of the hand to mirror details. Observational drawing requires a concentration and letting go of “what you know” . Everyone in the room was successful.

Works in progress:

Back to the solstice energy – our first cohort began wonderful artworks that will most certainly become beautiful work for the ART YARD Year of Reflection and our upcoming exhibition at ART YARD Gallery at MS226.


And now for the Winter Solstice!

Oh, wait! This note from our student Delphine (sister of August) was in a holiday card...


I hope that the days ahead bring you a deeply powerful energy for regeneration, renewal and time and space for self-reflection.

And now I will enjoy my Heart Chakra soup! (Let me know if you want the recipe.)

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