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Atmospheric Perspective & Fine Dining

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Our final day of ART YARD Summer Session 2019 was just spectacular!!

Teaching Artist Cecile Chong brought in a stack of fascinating historic photographs of Red Hook over the years. Kentler Director Florence Neal helped identify specific locations and brought out a few photographs from her own archives to share with the students. This got everyone thinking about the city-scape of Red Hook.

Cecile introduced us to the work of artist Bill Carroll and taught us about Bill’s artistic process which begins with his ever-present sketchbook to record the world around him and his use of Atmospheric Perspective method to create the illusion of depth, and discuss foreground, middle ground and background as well as positive and negative space.

Painting by Bill Carroll

While still in the gallery Cecile set out our working methods for later in the day, we packed up the supplies and the water cooler, put away our chairs then headed over to Red Hook Lobster Pound for our delicious celebratory lunch.

Our enthusiastic and friendly servers Violet and Chrystal set out huge ceramic bowls of farm fresh salad and plates of perfectly spiced shrimp and carafes of cold water for everyone to share. We ordered our choice of entrée – chicken and fries, hotdog and fries or gourmet macaroni and cheese. Followed by either banana pudding or Red Hooks own Steve’s Key Lime pie. A sumptuous feast indeed. We are deeply grateful to Red Hook Lobster Pound for their generous support, this meal was truly special!

A short block walk brought us back to Coffey Park where we commandeered a chess table as home base for supplies. Cecile asked students prepare the layers for their piece by choosing one color and painting three to four different shades on three to four different sheets of watercolor paper.

While the layers of watercolor paper dried, students drew a composition from observation which would lend itself to foreground/middle ground/back ground. Then they cut the earlier prepared monochromatic papers to create a collaged version of their drawing utilizing Atmospheric Perspective.

Eden who has been busy interning earlier this summer joined us this session. This is how she encapsulated her experience today:

In the final critique Cecile complimented the artists explaining they had far exceeded her expectations and mentioned that she would share images of the work with Bill Carroll! Artist Mildred Beltré added that she felt the work produced in ART YARD Summer Session was on par with the work being done in her college classes. I agree. This amazing group of artists has worked very hard, learned new challenging techniques and maintained a high level of intellectual rigor, all accomplished in atmosphere of congeniality, kindness and respect.

Our programs are made possible with generous support from Ample Hills Creamery; Reshonah Bennett in loving memory of her mother Mary Bennet; Michael Bliss; Kazandra Bonner and Jacob Levenson; C & M Family Foundation; Pablo Cubarle; Fahrney’s Pens; Gardel’s Greene Garden; Patrick Grenier; Candy Heiland; Jackson Giving Fund; Marilyn Jackson and Milyoung Cho; Pat Larash; Claude McNeal; Peter McNeal; Tim Metzger; Erin Patrice O’Brien; Olanrewaju Oladipo; Marie Roberts; The Charles and Mildred Schnurmacher Foundation; Yusef Sirius-El and Giza Olympius; Red Hook Lobster Pound; Bobbi and Jim Vaughn; Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church and Wet Whistle Wines.

We are honored and grateful to be partnering with Kentler International Drawing Space. Big thanks to Florence Neal and Sallie Mize for all of their support.

Lots of love and best wishes for an art-filled inspiring remainder of the summer. I sure do hope to see all of you in the fall!

P.S. If you know anyone who might like hear about us and perhaps to support our programs, please forward a link to our recap page. You can email:

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