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Come on and Zoom! Come on and Zoom Zoom!

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

We're all plugged into one world now!

So let's talk! We wanna hear from you!

Come on, give it a try!

Come on and zooma zooma zooma-ZOOM!

(Does anyone remember this? Can you sing it out loud?!)

ART YARD Advanced Studio is now on Zoom.

We were all so excited to see each other this week as we signed in to Zoom! Fortunately for all of us Kevin, Claudia and Jane had enough experience with the platform they were able to offer directions and tips to make our session go smoothly.

Once we settled in Teaching Artist Glendalys Medina asked us to describe in words or drawing our experience of Quarantine. Everyone got right to work!

At time up we shared our work with each other and then jumped into a typical ART YARD critique -- making comparisons, contrasts, observations and compliments.

Most of us wanted a little more time to finish our pieces, so we agreed that the artists would email the completed drawings within a day.

Claudia made a short video to show the tools she used on her drawing:


Advanced Studio Artists agreed that this project would make an excellent topic for our next CREATE thread, which I posted on Wednesday and is still actively going. If you are a member of the ART YARD website, you too can add your images, thoughts and/or short videos.

This week ART YARD partnership school PS6 Principal Joe Apruzzese started a silly hat competition for school students, teachers, staff, administration -- and we joined in the fun.

It looks like Dennis may be the winner!!

Well, I don’t know, he has some competition from this kid!


In the ART YARD at MS226 Google Classroom students continued to engage in conversation and post images of artwork they have created for our lessons.

Special Needs Teacher Christina Heller wrote to say that many of her students are overwhelmed with the sudden onslaught of technology and on-line learning. I so admire her efforts to support her students as they plunge into this new style of learning. Christina wrapped up her email saying: Thanks so much for your dedication to the kids at 226!!! It brightens my day!”

Assistant Principal Lucia Lengua added:

“I definitely think that Christina hit the proverbial nail on the head when she said that the students are overwhelmed by the technology and the workload. As a parent of two grade school children struggling to support them and work, I can attest to that being our daily reality.

Please know that we appreciate you so much!”


Art is something that is helping me to stay calm and connected. It has been a great comfort and inspiration to share artwork and ideas with ART YARD Artists of all ages on that forum, also with students on Google Classroom and with our Advanced Studio artmaking sessions on Zoom, as well as through emails and texts.

Teaching Artist Flávia Berindoague wrote to say she has been working on a new series to help control her anxiety -- a quarantine diary, creating a piece daily which she calls Taciturn Writing.

Flávia Berindoague, Taciturn Writing, Day 9, acrylic on canvas, 30x30”
Flávia Berindoague, Taciturn Writing, Day 11, acrylic on canvas, 30x30”

Teaching Artist Marie Roberts is participating in figure drawing lesson on line as a way to prepare herself for the on-line life drawing classes she will soon be teaching.

Marie Roberts, Life Drawing On-Line, 2020, ink on paper
Marie Roberts, Figure Drawing from On-Line Course, 2020, ink on paper

Marie is lucky to have many models (of the furry variety) at home! In this lovely drawing she depicts her feline companions dreaming of the delicious treats they were unable to enjoy this year for St. Joseph’s Day:

Marie Roberts, Cats Dreaming of St. Joseph's Day Treats, 2020, ink on paper

Teaching Artist Jacob Rath has “been spending more time drawing because of the quarantine, since it's something I can do at home by myself. Here's a map that I drew. This city is fictional, and unintentionally has a lot of characteristics that remind me of New York. "

Jacob Rath, Quarantine Map Drawing, 2020, ink on paper, 11x14”

In my own studio have been working on a new series to go with the times:

Meridith McNeal, Magical Things from Quarantine Food in the Cabinet, 2020, watercolor on paper, 12x12"
Meridith McNeal, Magical Things from Quarantine Books, 2020, watercolor on paper, 12x12"
Meridith McNeal, Magical Things from Quarantine Phone Charger, 2020, watercolor on paper, 12x12"


Thank you for taking the time to check out what we are doing at ART YARD. We welcome you to join us on CREATE.

I truly admire the efforts everyone is making to stay safe, supportive and inspired.

In appreciation,

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