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Hot Town, Summer in the City

Did you go outside today? We did.

Not only were we outside in the Hot Town, but Teaching Artist Rachael Wren had us on our toes creating art at the top of our game in her lesson “Drawing: Fast and Slow”. Rachael set the parameters at Kentler, then off we trekked to Valentino Pier.

We set up shop in the shaded area and dove into work.

Rachael set the bar high and kept us focused. We drew in timed increments on the first view first in pencil, then in charcoal, then in ink.

Then changed views and repeated the exercise.

And again! Are you counting? That adds up to NINE completed drawings. Wow, it really is a gratifying artistic challenge to work your best efforts quickly.

Back at Kentler each artist claimed an area to set up all nine pieces for critique. Rachael led a critique that had everyone dialed in to nuance and successes. She also asked students to voice their opinions of their own work and success. What a spirited group discussion ensued (Seriously, you would have thrilled to be a fly on the wall.)

Lunch was a great opportunity to switch our focus and just take it easy. I am thrilled to report that these kids chowed through the cherry tomatoes! That’s a good thing because Dennis went down to Ample Hills Creamery to pick up our second vat of ice cream for dessert! We LOVE Ample Hills and send sincere thanks for their generous donation!

Sated, we set in for the slow art making part of the day. Rachael introduced and demonstrated the concept of intersection point drawing, which has to do with a sustained and slow way of looking, measuring, and marking. In essence the artist looks to depict the point where one object meets another. This is challenge that flips the switch on mental process, hand to eye coordination and even to drawing as we know it.

We started afternoon drawing in the Kentler garden when a storm blew through, so we headed inside to work from a still life set up.

The few intrepid, stayed outside!

Rachael uses this method with her advanced college students...and guess what?!!? In the final critique Rachael exclaimed: “While this afternoon drawing might have been a difficult process, as a professor and artist, I can affirm that every one of you 'got it' ”!!

Cue in a room full of finger snaps! (I am stoked to say that I think we may be the next generation of Beatniks!)

(I am embarrassed to admit I THOUGHT I took photos of this last project....Heat stroke, I tell you.)

See all you cool cats tomorrow when we will get to work with Teaching Artist Richard Estrin!

Oh snap,

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