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Let’s get this party started!

This week has been a whirlwind of party preparation!

Installation of COVERS in progress at the record shop

Which involved Vera (on top of school and neck woes) making QR codes to guide folks to art bidding pages at Galabid. Ajani crafting heartfelt language for our signage which I then used for signage and labels. Scott, Ajani and I installing the lion’s share of the art and signage. Many of us took to our email, social media and even the phone to encourage folks to buy tickets and bid on art -- Rocco, Kevin, Ajani, Marilyn, Kyra, Iviva, Evelyn, Mildred, Reg, William, Jacob, and I bought tickets on Eventbrite and implored our friends to do the same, which ushered in important support and several new folks into our orbit.

If you have not done so already, now is the time to buy a ticket on Eventbrite! There is a level for every supporter and everyone is encouraged to join us!

the record shop

360 Van Brunt Street

Red Hook, Brooklyn

Saturday November 4th, 6-8pm

COVERS, our record inspired exhibition and benefit party, is made possible with the generous contributions of: All Seasons Hospitality, Brooklyn Seltzer Boys, Critter Cookies, Locanda Vini & Olii, Make My Cake, and the record shop.

Seriously people, this party? 🔥.


This week in a special seasonal Advanced Studio session on zoom developed ART YARD Teaching Artist Jennifer Dodson, we explored the intuitive creative process and magickal practice through a step-by-step introduction to sigil-making and a deeper understanding of our own magick.

To give us some background for the session, Jenn explains: “The addition of the letter ‘k’ to the word magic is a literary device used to decipher the difference between entertainment and performative magical acts (e.g., a mentalist or an illusionist) and the magickal practices of a person or group of people (e.g., a solitary witch or a coven).

Samples of sigils on candles made by participants in a hands-on beginners workshop with Jenn

In this lesson, we engaged in a step-by-step process of sigil-making (from the Latin sigilum: to seal.) A sigil is a symbol that is personal to the creator and can be used for setting an intention or an affirmation. Sigils are also used for protection, healing, manifestation, and enriching one’s relationship to themselves. Sigils “speak” to our subconscious and allow us to move past any cognitive blocks that thoughts and language can provide. Sigils are specific to their creators because the creator can feel the intention without judgment.”

We started by writing a phrase to manifest. My (Meridith) phrase, for example: “ART YARD BKLYN garners abundant financial resources and success.” We followed Jenn’s instructions, first eliminating vowels, then repeat letters, until we had a string of letters to represent our intention.

Then we combined these letters into a symbol. The letters did not have to be in the same direction or scale. Then eventually honed this down into a calligraphic symbol or final sigil.

Then using the materials of our choice we developed our sigil into an artwork. We could manifest an actual thing, such as Karla’s book mark, or a concept of how it might be built/experienced such as Ed’s concept (envisioning a post knee replacement pain free life) of a large-scale painted metal sculpture which would be larger than human scale and set in an outdoor public space.

Karla Prickett, Time is a Choice & Sigil, Ed Rath Sigil

Madison’s work is developed well on the page in such a way we can see the process. All of us felt very strongly the Madison manifested an important strength that not only do we appreciate in her, but one that will carry her through the wild roller coaster of life! Plus, as Marilyn complimented it is a lovely drawing.

Madison Mack, Sigil

Marilyn’s sigil reminded us of a short-lived older subway map. When Meridith brought it up, Ed went nuts extoling the beauty of that short-lived manifestation of our transit map!

Marilyn August Sigil development, Sigil & Vintage NYC Subway map

Madison commented that Meridith’s sigil looked like the NYC soccer team logo! We all agreed, and Ed thought it was also reminiscent of vintage cut out subway tokens. And Karla mentioned that it reminded her of liturgical vestments. Meridith is considering a new fashion look!! (not really, but it could be quite a look!)

Meridith McNeal Sigil, NYC Football Club logo and vintage token

Jenn manifests her own sigil (My hope is my strength) in paint on a rock.

Jennifer Dodson, Sigil drawing and painted completed piece.

Jenn summarizes: “It is particularly powerful to know, not only the words behind each of the sigils, but also the colors utilized in each. There is a strong sense of personality conveyed in each of the forms created. Ed's sigil related to health particularly evokes a sturdy and grounded form, each letter building upon the next, like a skyscraper reaching towards the sky. The vibrancy of the red-filled letters furthers this powerful impression conveyed by the structure of the symbol as a whole.

Meridith's sigil is reminiscent of other symbols used throughout time, including but not limited to the NYC subway token. I find it interesting that her sigil in particular can reference specific memories for anyone who was familiar with transportation in NYC during those distinct years. Such memories have tangible sensory experiences, like the sound of inserting the tokens through the slots of the machines and the way the metal would make one's fingers smell after much handling. Sigils are important in and of themselves but also for what they remind us of and the memories they collect. Perhaps this is also a part of their magick. The themes of freedom, which informed Meridith's sigil, are intertwined with other themes of liberation over one's autonomy and the freedom to move one's body freely, in simple terms.

Karla's activation of her sigil to be utilized as a bookmark is a very appropriate way to infuse her "Time is a Choice" intention. Also related to the book theme, Madison's sigil successfully creates resonance between the verbal intention of the words, "My Mind is Strong," with visual composition, combining the line drawing of a book and the sigil solidly placed at the seam where pages meet.”

Jenn studio view and sigil

An important part of the AYB community for 20 years, Jenn is a Licensed Professional Counselor (VA) and nationally registered Board Certified Art Therapist (ATR-BC). Jenn specializes in helping people process their experiences through art-making as well as talk therapy. She practices a trauma-informed approach to empowering individuals through their own creative processes. Outside of her private practice, Jenn is also a practicing chaos witch who likes to hang out at the intersection of magick and psychotherapy. She is a hooper, tarot reader, mixed-media artist, fairy-tale enthusiast, and avant-garde gardener with Virgo energy for days.


Now available on the ART YARD BKLYN Redbubble store!


Advanced Studio in person was off for Halloween. However, our intrepid figure model Jacob Levenson (aka father of Delphine) has made use of Dall-E3/AI technology to illustrate my most recent pan-radiator-geyser furnace debacle.

Jacob Levenson, Meridith's Radiator Gyser Furnace Debacle, DALL-E3


And on that note, SEE YOU TOMORROW at the record shop!


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