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Summer Session begins with drawing lessons designed to build observational skill

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

As Vera pointed out during our end-of-the-day critique ART YARD Summer Session is off to a fantastic start!

We joyously greeted both old pals (some grown much taller) and new friends this morning at Kentler International Drawing Space in Red Hook. There were oooohhhs and aaahhhs as students admired the gallery and Mildred Beltré's exhibition.

Teaching Artist Marie Roberts began the lesson by passing around her own sketch books while discussing some of her preferred drawing techniques such as drawing from life, capturing motion and mood and demonstrating her preferred drawing tools which include fountain pens and water brushes. We are grateful to Fahrney’s Pens for the donation of fountain pens!

After a bit of a warm up to get used to the tools, Marie walked us through several drawing lessons designed to build observational skill and challenge the artist. It’s worth pointing out that these are the very skills and methods that Marie uses when teaching her college classes.

The first few short drawings Marie asked us to sketch each other, being sure to situate the portrait in the room (foreground/background) and to fill the page.

Working up to a composite drawing in which Marie posed three times in different locations around the gallery, at 3 minute intervals. Once that skill was mastered, she added another layer of complexity, posing in multiple locations but repeating the pose so that the drawings could be honed to a deeper level.

After lunch we sent out to practice our newly honed drawing techniques in the neighborhood.

Enjoying the lovely terrain in Coffey (or as Dennis corrected: “Cawfee”) Park for our final and longest drawings of the day.

Back at Kentler for a final critique we were all quite pleased with the fruits of our labor! We are excited that Teaching Artist Susan Hamburger will leading our session tomorrow.

See you in the morning,

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