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Transported into another realm

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

ART YARD Advanced Studio on zoom and in person is back with gusto! In addition, it was a week full of accomplishments – notably we have opened our ART YARD BKLYN Redbubble Storefront. We have an important save the date announcement for Covers an exhibition and benefit party along with exhibition announcements, and a round of applause for Golnar!


We began the week in ART YARD Advanced Studio on zoom with ART YARD Artist Eden Moore leading us on a session focusing on the ephemeral quality of life.

Ephemeral: Short-lived, or of brief duration. From the Greek ephemeros, 'lasting for only a day'

Eden presenting on zoom

After a lively discussion, for inspiration Eden shared with us images of Newgrange (a prehistoric passage tomb in Ireland, building 3200 BC with an entrance that aligns with the sunrise of the winter solstice), examples of Monet’s Haystacks, and several drawings by Adachi Mitsuru. Then we set to work in the materials of our choice to ponder the nature of the ephemeral.

Ed, who worked on his ipad, explains: “Watching the flickering flames of a campfire disappear and reappear hearkens back to the primal experience of controlling the uncontrollable. Seduced by the flashing bright light while bathed in the warmth of its radiance, we are transported into another realm.”

Ed Rath, The Ephemeral Quality of Life, Campfire

Kevin’s writes: "While Ephemeral refers to one specific moment that fades away never to return to that same state, I thought about youth as a whole. Specifically, as you grow older life becomes more complicated, and you cannot get those previous years back (which is something I've been thinking about lately). In this drawing is a hand holding a pocket watch. At the 12 position is my birthday and at the 6 position is the year 2023 in the present. The right side is cracked and broken signifying that you cannot get those years back, while the left side is blank as an ominous feeling that you don't know when your own life will end".

Kevin Anderson, The Ephemeral Quality of Life

Eden’s work, as she contemplated returning to film school in London, references her last trip of summer 2023 out to Coney, where she and her friends frolicked in the waves and appreciated all that Brooklyn can be on a hot summer day at the edge of the ocean!

Eden Moore, The Ephemeral Quality of Life

Marilyn describes: “The inspiration for my project came following a recent trip to England to visit a dear friend who had been unwell. In reviewing trip photos for ideas for Eden’s lesson, I thought I might paint a landscape but instead focused on my photo of poached eggs on toast. My friends have two chickens, and I had the thrill of collecting a just-laid egg destined for my breakfast. I thought the image fit the premise of the lesson, “change and fleeting experience”, and our discussion of the word “ephemeral" meaning short-lived or of brief duration. In the context of the lesson, the image made me think of the ephemeral nature of friendship and good health. Thanks to Eden for a beautiful lesson.

Marilyn J. August, The Ephemeral Quality of Life

Richie thought back to a particular time, placing an image of himself in the center, surrounded by symbolic markers of important experiences.’

Richard Lee Chong, The Ephemeral Quality of Life

Maraya tells us: “My piece was inspired by childhood memories of going to the Lubbock, TX county fair with my grandparents. Our drive through the vast Texas landscape stands out in my mind, especially the expansiveness of the blue and orange sky and gas station signs that dotted the empty plains. I finished the piece as a snapshot using Instagram. Social media offers an ephemeral experience for the viewer and changes our understanding of images through it's fast paced delivery of information. My snapshot is an attempt to slow down the way we normally view images on Instagram.

Maraya Lopez, The Ephemeral Quality of Life

V's deceptively simple line drawing of a printing press was admired for all for the complexity of the many topics one delves into on the ephemeral nature of the printing press, its capabilities, concrete attributes, historic significance as well as pertinence to V’s day-to-day experience as a monitor at Manhattan Graphics Printshop!

V Tineo, The Ephemeral Quality of Life

My work references a tiny moment of Remedios Varo’s painting “The Creation of the Birds” (1954) in which she as an owl-being paints birds into existence with a beam of starlight directed through a prism, a paintbrush connected to a three stringed violin-like instrument worn around her neck like a medallion and primary colored paint extruding from an elaborate alchemical still leading out the window to a night cosmos.

Meridith McNeal, The Ephemeral Quality of Life

Karla remarks: “Great lesson Eden! Thinking about temporary things with inspiration from Monet’s Haystacks, I recalled a public art piece by Steven Siegel I coordinated which was installed along a riverbank in one of Salina’s historic parks. Thousands/tons of local newspapers were layered into forms quite similar to haystacks. They remained installed for several years before being decommissioned.

Karla Prickett, The Ephemeral Quality of Life (top) & work by Steven Siegel (bottom)


On Tuesday Advanced Studio met in person in our studio at BWAC in the second of a three-part series of still life sessions drawing from observation taught by ART YARD Teaching Artist Candy Heiland. We were a mixture of returning and new for the cycle, so Candy had her hands full teaching two lessons in one evening.

Candy summarizes: "Delphine, who along with Meridith and I attended both sessions reviewed the previous lesson and looking at still life drawing from observation vs. a photo of the same and how very different they looked and felt.

Meridith McNeal, Figurine from Observation (left) & from Photo (right)

As inspiration for those of us moving on to working from photos, we discussed situations where one might choose to use a photo. I showed works from my own portfolio to demonstrate this which included images of memorials to loved ones and pets. I pointed out another wonderful use of photographic reference is when one would like to depict images and symbols not readily found in one’s environment, to elaborate on the chosen subject.

Candy Heiland, Figurine from Observation (left) & Figurine from Photo (in progress, right)

Those who were joining us for the first time in this cycle drew from observation. Abby, picked two small images, capturing the uplifting personality of both of them.

Abby Johnson, Figurine from Observation

Sigrid chose a unicorn and delightfully, drew the serrated piece of paper from the top of the sketchbook, rolled into a circle in her image.

Sigrid Dolan, Figurine from Observation

Akash rendered a plaster character using oil pastels in a wonderfully, painterly, fashion.

Akash Wilmot, Figurine from Observation

Ajani Russell, Figurine from Observation

Dakota Jones, Figurine from Observation

Sanyu Lukwago, Figurine from Observation

We noticed during critique that Delphine, once again, stepped out of her comfort range, both in materials and subject matter to create a lively drawing of a clown. I commended these burgeoning adults for their willingness to spend and evening playing with toys.

Delphine Levenson, Figurines from Observation & Photos (use arrows to scroll)

I asked Meridith how she manages to work so quickly and she replied: “I credit my work in Advanced Studio on zoom. All of us who regularly participate have increased our working speed!”

I drove Akash to the train after class. He confided that the oil pastels were very messy and he didn’t like them. (Oh, but he handled them like a pro.) Prior to this session I had not seen Akash in 7 years! I complimented him on his growth and new level of sophistication. This prompted a lovely discussion about the passage of time and how a teenager experiences it so much differently than someone 50 years older. Frankly, it is these conversations which serve as a reminder of why I love being a part of ART YARD BKLYN!"


Other Art News:

Congratulations to ART YARD Artist Golnar Adili who has received a NYFA grant for Drawing! Golnar’s beautiful piece depicting her mother’s eyes runs as a banner across the NYFA announcement. If you have not already visited our exhibition Earth Mothering you really must – as Golnar’s work from the same series is on view at The Gallery at 180 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn through October 25, 2023.

NYFA awards announcement (left), Earth Mothering installation view (right)


V and I both have doll house sized sculpture on view in DADA IN THE HOUSE at Snug Harbor in Staten Island! Join us for the opening October 14th from noon-3pm at the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art – Building G, Gallery G (Galleries 1 & 2).


In our continued quest to financially support our work we have two exciting announcements!!

We have opened an ART YARD BKLYN Redbubble Store where you can purchase items like stickers, notebooks, tote bags and aprons emblazoned with artwork made by ART YARD Artists! The way Redbubble works is we upload high quality and well-designed images and select items which suit the image. The overhead, manufacturing, packing, shipping and site maintenance makes up the bulk of the item cost. This is what makes it possible for us to work with Redbubble. A percentage above those costs come to us to support our programs.

We plan to add designs regularly, most likely on Fridays in tandem with the recap, so keep an eye on our shop!



We are thrilled to announce COVERS an exhibition & party to benefit ART YARD BKLYN to be held at the Record Shop in Red Hook on Saturday November 4, 2023 from 6-8pm.

Original artwork made during Summer Session will be on auction starting at a mere $20 a piece! The auction will be open for bidding at least a week in advance of the party & one of my paper sculptures will be a special raffle item. Music for the party will be provided by ART YARD Artist DJ Abby Johnson. This will be a not-to-be-missed fun time!! Keep your eye peeled in future recaps for up-to-date information, auction and ticket links.


Please share the news about our Redbubble store by forwarding the recap, emailing and/or posting on social media!


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