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Updated: Feb 22, 2020

New York City schools are on winter break this week... However we were making art at PS 6, Ed Rath sends greetings and photos from Tokyo and art events to attend this weekend!


Students at PS 6, our partnership school in Jersey City, learned about bas relief and what the 3 dimensions (known as 3D) are. Based on their delivery mode drawings, students glued shapes cut from cardboard onto a base to form variations of their original works (whether drawing or sculpture). Working with Teaching Artist Richard Estrin and assisted by Sarah Gumgumji, students learned about scoring and notching and also how to use toothpicks to keep their pieces together.

Richard also led another group in the continuation of their symmetry lesson - this time, it was making rubbings of their 'plates' built from lentils, peas and rice. They used graphite and/or crayon to make prints - and, some, compared them to see and understand the symmetry.

Elijah tested several processes and announced, after changing from graphite to crayon: "I like the way the materials changed the aesthetic of my work".



ART YARD Teaching Artists Ed and Jacob Rath are in Japan right now for Ed’s exhibition at LOART GALLERY and launch for his collaboration with fashion designer Saturo Sasaki. Ed’s paintings were used to create fabric for Saturo Sasaki’s Fall/Winter 2020 Collection.

Jacob looking fabulous in one of Sasaki’s designs, while looking at the original painting by Ed:

Another view, plus another garment:

Ed also sent several wonderful Tokyo photographs with our Reflection theme in mind. I love this one!

I hope they got one of those t-shirts!!


Two cool things to do this weekend...

Claudia Alvarez has work included in Claytopian opening Saturday, February 22, 7-10pm preceded by a curator talk 6-7pm at The Plaxall Gallery 5-25 46th Avenue, Long Island City, Queens, NY.

At Smack Mellon (92 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn) on Sunday, February 23, 3-4:30 PM you can attend an Artist Talk by Cecile Chong: _other Nature which ruminates on the intricate connections between nature and culture, searching for ways to transcend barriers through commonalities in our ties to the natural world.

Cecile Chong, _other Nature, 2020, installation view. Image courtesy of Smack Mellon. Photo: Etienne Frossard.


I look forward to seeing Advanced Studio artists on Monday evening when we begin a new cycle of artmaking with Teaching Artist Rachael Wren.

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