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What is curiosity? Well, let’s see...

Updated: May 11, 2019


noun: curiosity; plural noun: curiosities

  1. a strong desire to know or learn something. "filled with curiosity, she peered through the window"

  2. a strange or unusual object or fact. "he showed them some of the curiosities of the house"


A strong desire to know AND learn (def. 1.) was evidenced in our opening of Metamorphosis at ART YARD Gallery at MS 226 in South Ozone Park, Queens.

Docents were quite nervous to start the work of day. (Aren’t we all?) AND the first flush of visitors was a glorious gaggle of VIP’s! Oh, I am not kidding. Thanks to Principal Dr. Rushell White, there was a posse of great esteem – the Top Brass from the DOE and JFK Airport. However, what was most remarkable, is that these well-dressed professionals were genuinely engaged and interested in the work of our students!

It is a BIG DEAL to be a Professional Docent. It takes confidence and prowess. But getting over the first hurdle of nerves is a universally understood accomplishment. Our docents did it and did it well!

They led tours for those VIP’s and another 200-300 fellow students, teachers, staff and invited guests. It is a bit a grueling day. But oh-so-well worth it!

During our debriefing Dennis reminded the docents that this is resume worthy work. We all acknowledged our pride in the art we created this year, our public mural and our dedication as colleagues.

This stunning exhibition and our permanent mural The Collector of Proverbs is open to view with an appointment! Just send us an email: and we will set up a VIP Tour with one of our student docents!


With 5 different lessons and 5 different classes, lots of art making (and some 2. strange and unusual objects were created and) took place this week at PS 6 in Jersey City.

Teaching Artist Golnar Adili brought out the watercolor paints much to the delight of a group of 1st graders who painted their "portraits" of the school building. Using pre-cut paper (by Golnar) and 20 different colors of watercolor paints, students prepared for and imagined what their completed projects would look like. Once their paintings dry, they'll be used as wraps for their "Inside/Out" box pieces.

Using gold, silver and bronze metallic markers along with white gel pens, 4th graders in Teaching Artist Sarah Gumgumji's class added shiny color tones to their vintage ornamentation pieces. Student Sayee brought in her own "tika" (a beautiful traditional piece of Indian jewelry worn in the middle of the parting of the hair, meant to adorn the forehead) to exhibit to the class and showed us all the proper way to wear it.

It was only fitting that she included a drawn replica of it in her final piece. Sarah demonstrated several ways to highlight, add light and reflection to these lovely works.

Adding ink (ink-like, that is - students used ultra-fine point blue markers) to their recreations of Delft style pottery from The Netherlands, 5th graders highlighted scenes from Jersey City and designed applicable motifs around the edges of each 'plate'. To add dimension and texture, Teaching Artist Rachel Rath taught the class the techniques of hatching, cross-hatching and stippling. Students jumped right in and their scenes of Jersey City in 1919 and in 2019 began to take greater form.

Rachel also worked with 3rd graders in completing their origami project by demonstrating the steps to make stems for their flowers. It seems all children love origami - but, at PS 6, these 3rd graders could not have been more excited to start folding and creating.

In our gallery, students finalized giant-scale paintings of the school building throughout the decades. Starting with the old building (torn down to make way for the current building), the new building under construction and a 2019 view of 110 St. Paul's Avenue, students worked closely with Teaching Artists Quentin Williamston and Fatima Traore to sharpen their painting skills and put finishing touches on their masterpieces.


Back to Curiosity – I am excited to present my view of the idea along with several talented and inspirational artists at Kentler International Drawing Space next Wednesday, May 15th at 6pm. You must join us!! Seriously. It will be a great panel discussion, but it will be all so much more inspirational if YOU join us.

KENTLER CONNECTS: Curiosity (what is that?) Moderator: Robin Holder Panelists: Mildred Beltre, Phillip Chen, Alexander Gorlizki, Meridith McNeal (yes, that's me!)

Wednesday, May 15, 6pm (free and open to the public) This talk will be held at Kentler in conjunction with our May 18th 100 Works on Paper Benefit.

This panel discussion open to the public will take place in Kentler, where you will be able to preview the work donated to the Kentler 100 Works on Paper benefit. Most of the ART YARD Teaching Artists have donated beautiful artwork!

Really, for a low ticket price, you will walk home with a wonderful piece of art. By contributing to our fiscal sponsor and partner Kentler International Drawing Space you are indeed supporting ART YARD BKLYN! And you can bid on my piece in the silent auction from which 100% will go towards ART YARD programs at Kentler!

We need YOU!!

With thanks and love,

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